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my story

Grandad’s woolly cardy had seen better days,
it was still soft and cosy, but a little bit frayed.

There were holes in the elbows and just one button remained,
but from this, Nanny was sure something else could be made.

So she started to sew on that cold winter’s night,
and Boofle was born, much to the children’s delight.

Boofle was all that a snugglesome pup should be,
lovable and cuddly and a best friend to you and me.

my history


Boofle Launch!

Talented artist David Blake transformed knitted pup Boofle into a beautiful card collection. The first Boofle card collection launched in 2008.

Award Win

In 2008 Boofle won a Henries Award for the Best Card Range.


Boofle Products

By 2011, you could find Boofle on lots of amazing products; pyjamas, stationery, mugs and lots more!

Website and App

The Boofle website and app launched in 2011.



In 2016 the Boofle YouTube channel launched. Over 5000 animation views to date.


VR Experience

2017 was the year Boofle's Virtual Reality Experience was launched.


10 Years

2018 marked 10 years of Boofle with a whopping 70 million cards sold.



Boofle sales top 100 million



Boofle has over 1.6 million impressions on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and over 39,000 followers.


15 Years

2023 marks 15 years of Boofle!

things I love

There are so many things I’m looking forward to this Summer, here are a few!

Boofle cuddling a red heart
Cute Boofle character holding a birthday card and a white flower

cards & wrap

Come and look through my lovely cards and gift wrap – I’m sure there’ll be something you love!