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Fabulous Father's Day!

Father’s Day is an entire day for celebrating your extra special Dad, Grandad, Stepdad or Uncle. So of course, you want to make sure it is paw-fect! Luckily, planning boof-tastic celebrations are one of my most favourite things to do, so I have lots of ideas to help you plan a day, fit for a king!

All Dads would love to receive a thoughtful card on Father’s Day so how fantastic is it that I have the best range of Father’s Day cards you will ever find! There is something for everyone, or even all of them if you can’t decide. How about treating him to a special gift, a yummy box of chocolates is sure to put a smile on his face! Or, if like lots of Dads, a homemade gift is more his style you could have a go at my Father’s Day crafty creations. He will feel like the best Dad ever in his No.1 Dad badge!

Even if you can’t see your special Dad this Father’s Day, he would still love to receive a card and you could even send him my super cute animation so he knows just how much you love him!

Lots of love,

Boofle Xxx

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