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Do World Kindness Day, Boofle's way!

Hello! Did you know World Kindness Day is tomorrow? How wonderful is that! I am super excited because I love being kind and, I think being kind is the best way to make someone’s day even more boof-tastic!

I thought it would be lovely for me to share with you, some of the things I will be doing tomorrow to spread kindness. First of all, I am going to bake some yummy Cupcakes for my friend Puddy because I know they are his favourites. Then, I will write a card to Roofle, who I haven’t seen since Christmas because sending a card with something lovely written inside is a great way to spread kindness. I will also be sharing my lovely ‘Thinking of You’ animation with all of my friends.

I would love to hear the wonderful ways you spread kindness on World Kindness Day, make sure to let me know over on my social media page!

Lots of Love,

Boofle Xx






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