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Thinking Of You Week With Boofle!

Hello and happy Thinking of You week to all my fabulous friends. For those of you who don’t know, Thinking of You week is an entire week dedicated to getting in touch with people we love, just because we can. It’s such a wonderful idea!

We are a couple of days in and so far, it has been just great!

This year I wanted everyone to be able to get involved and so, I started the week off at one of my favourite places ever, Boofle Towers. Where I set up a ‘Thinking of You station’ with loads of cards for my colleagues to send to the people who mean the most to them. Isn’t that lovely?

I have also spent time carefully deciding on the perfect way to spread some love to my own friends in celebration of this week. A little note to say you look lovely always goes down well. But my personal favourite is sending a card.  Although, with so much to say, it can be quite tricky getting lots of cards written and sent off all in one day.

What will you be doing to make someone smile this Thinking of You week? Make sure to let me know!


Lots of love,

Boofle x

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