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Get Ready for National Send a Card to a Friend Day!

‘I could search and search the whole world through and never find a friend as special as you!’

Is it just me, or do we all have certain friends who we turn to for different things? Some days, I feel like jumping around and playing games, so on those days I turn to my friend Dash. Some days, I just feel like eating carrot cake and snoozing (usually after a fun-packed day with Dash) and on these days, I call up Dinky. And on some days, especially Sundays, I feel like sitting down to a yummy roast dinner and talking about everything and anything – on these days, I turn to Puddy.  

All of my friends are one-in-a-million in their own very special ways, which is why I will be sending them a card on National Send a Card to a Friend Day to brighten their days as much as they brighten mine.

Whose day will you be brightening up this Sunday the 7th of February?

Lots of Love,

Boofle xx

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